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Lamar Co. Property Value Continues to Rise


valueupJuly 11, 2013- With solid growth for the past 20 years, the assessed value of property, homes and other assets in Lamar County is approaching the half-billion dollar mark, continuing to bolster county revenue.

The Hattiesburg American reports the county’s current assessed valuation, the total of taxable property, stands at over $498 million, up more than $7 million from 2012.

In 2000, the county’s assessed valuation was more than $244 million.

The increase in property value is good for the county budget, but it also means county taxpayers will see a small increase in their tax bill.


Time-Proven Tips For Showing Your Home

Here are a few ideas that will help you maximize your home’s attractiveness to buyers:

• Ideally, you should be absent so buyers feel comfortable making comments.

• Make sure your home highlight sheets are easily visible.
• Open all drapes and shades during daylight hours to let in as much light as possible, but screen out unappealing views.

• Light the whole house, especially dark corners and hallways.

• Light (or turn on) the fireplace.
• Showcase your home’s best features.
• Turn off the television. Play quiet background music.
• If you’ve repainted in neutral tones, add bold splashes of color (with throw pillows, crockery, pictures, etc.)

• Place fresh flowers where they’ll stand out

• Open all doors between rooms to give an inviting feeling.
• If possible, open windows beforehand to circulate fresh air.
• Pick up toys, remove all clutter, ensure beds are made,
clothes put away.
• Floors should be clean, carpets and rugs vacuumed.
• Trash and recycling bins should be tidy and odor-free.
• The kitchen & bathrooms should sparkle.
• If possible, bake cookies or put a pan of cinnamon in the oven to create a warm and inviting aroma.

• Ideally, pets should be unseen. Pet areas should be clean and odor-free. Not everyone may share your love of animals, and some may be allergic to them.

• Lock away and hide all cash, jewelry and small valuables.




Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) From a REALTOR®

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a document, drawn from a local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database, that presents pricing  information, property details and photos of homes similar to yours (termed “comparables”) that recently sold, failed to sell, or are currently on the market in your area.

A REALTOR® will typically provide you with a CMA as part of a listing presentation he or she delivers at your home in hopes of being able to exclusively represent your interests when you sell. This CMA will include the price or price range that the REALTOR® thinks you should list; although the REALTOR® might adjust that figure on the spot if it’s the first time he or she has been in your home and had the chance to examine its layout, quality, workmanship, condition, and so on. (It’s also worth noting that REALTORS®, knowing that you don’t plan to list any time soon, are also usually happy to provide you with a Free Market Evaluation or “mini-CMA” of your home).

Generally, studying what has worked in your area – and what hasn’t– will help you to strategically price, position and stage your property so that it sells for top dollar in a reasonable time frame, with the least inconvenience for you.


Reorganization And Maintenance – The Obvious That Needs Doing

Similar to necessary repairs, basic reorganization and maintenance tasks are “must-dos”. While buyers might not notice such work when it is done, they’re sure to notice when it isn’t. This impression of neglect will make it more difficult for them to comfortably project themselves into your home’s living space.

Here are a few reorganization and maintenance tasks that can improve your home’s curb appeal and inside homeyness.

• Mow and rake the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs, weed and
edge gardens.
• Clean sidewalks and driveway, remove any litter.
• Remove unnecessary items from the exterior of the house.
• Power wash the porch, siding, deck and patio.
• Clean off your outdoor furniture and remove any in
poor repair.
• Clean your air conditioner.
• Clear out the garage of everything but cars. If yours has
become a two-car attic, throw out all unnecessary items, and
then thoroughly organize and clean everything that remains.
• If you have a pool, make sure it’s clean and functioning well
or properly closed in the off-season.

• Clean and tidy the entrance, clear stairs and halls.
• Create space by storing all excess furniture.
• Remove from closets, cabinets and shelves any clothes and
other items you won’t need until after moving. Pre-pack and
store if possible.
• Organize kitchen counter tops, removing some appliances if
necessary, to make them look as spacious as possible.
• Thoroughly clean everything in and out of sight.
• Remove all odors and add air freshener, dishes of potpourri,
etc. for scent.
• Throw out any unnecessary items in an unfinished basement,
and then thoroughly organize and clean everything
that remains.



Tips for Making Your Home More Saleable

Before you put your home on the market, there are some things you can do to differentiate your house among the competitors.

When preparing to put your home up for sale, your first concern is the home’s exterior. If the outside, or “curb appeal” looks good, people will more than likely want to see what’s on the inside. Keep the lawn and landscape nicely manicured. Trim the bushes and season permitting, plant some flowers. Be sure your front door area has a “Welcome” feeling. A fresh coat of paint on the front door looks great.

Of all the rooms inside your home, pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. They should look as modern, bright and fresh as possible. It is essential for them to be clean and odor free. A fresh coat of paint just may do the trick. Have any leaky faucets taken care of. A call to a plumber is a wise investment.

ince you want your home to look as spacious as possible, remove any excess or very large furniture. Make sure that table tops, dressers and closets are free of clutter. Don’t use your garage, attic, or basement to store these extra things. These areas also need to have the impression of space. Instead, put them into storage. Make sure walls and doors are free of smudges and look for anything that might indicate a maintenance problem, such as cracked windows, holes in the wall or stained ceilings.

Finally, if your basement shows any signs of dampness or leakage, seal the walls.

Quick tips for showings:

  • Keep counter tops cleared
  • Replace all burned out lightbulbs
  • Open all drapes and window blinds
  • Put pets in cages or take them to a neighbor
  • No dirty dishes in the sink
  • No laundry in the washer/dryer
  • Clean or replace dirty or worn carpets
  • Put on soft music
  • Burn wood in the fireplace on cold days, otherwise, the fireplace should be clean

Always look at your home from the buyer’s point of view. Be objective and be honest